Is Jay-Z Illuminati? What’s The Reason Behind All The Conspiracy About The Illuminati In The Industry?

is jay-z in the illuminati

Is Jay-Z Illuminati?  That’s a really good question.  It is a hot topic right now that is gaining steam with every move that Jay-Z and Beyonce make.  From the symbols in Jay-Z’s music videos, to the hand symbols Jay-Z makes, the masonic symbols in his Roc-a-Wear clothing line, and even the name of his and Beyonce’s baby (Blue Ivy Carter), everyday more and more people ask the question is Jay-Z in the Illuminati.

At first these questions were being asked by a small amount of conspiracy theorists but now the topic has gone mainstream.  Ever since the Angie Martinez interview on Hot 97 where she talked about Jay-Z and the Illuminati and even asked Jay-Z flat out if he was in the Illuminati, this question has started to seep into the conversation of regular people everywhere. 
The topic of Jay-Z and the Illuminati is discussed on music fan sites, YouTube, and even celebrity gossip sites all over the internet.  Jay-Z Illuminati has reached an almost fever pitch as now many people are analyzing his every move for further “proof” that Jay-Z is a part of this clandestine organization that is alleged to be secretly running the world from the shadows.  There are now many videos that make this accusation about Jay-Z and the Illuminati.

Is Jay-Z In The Illuminati...  Hold up, who/what is the Illuminati!

Most people who are searching for info online about Jay-Z and the Illuminati actually have no idea who or what the “Illuminati” actually is.  To seriously approach this topic Is Jay Illuminati we have to come to an understanding of what the actual term “Illuminati” refers to.  Who would these people be and what is all the hype about?  Is the Illuminati in the industry, or secretly controlling the music industry?

According to Wikipedia, illuminati, the plural of illuminatus (meaning enlightened) was a name given to several groups.  The original was started in Europe in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a Bavarian.  The orders were set up similar to freemasonry and included several prominent members who were diplomats and aristocrats.  Members took a vow of secrecy.  The actual aim of the Illuminati was to form the intellectual and political elite of society.  Many of the Illuminati plans and structure became known because several publications by the groups were seized and made public do to political unrest and infighting within the group.
Rulers in Europe attempted to break up and ban the Illuminati however many masonic origins today still bear the title illuminati in their name and claim to be the modern heir to the original Bavarian Illuminati.  This is why it’s not exactly a “conspiracy” to assume that the Illuminati still exist.

Modern conspiracy theory blames the Illuminati for everything such as JFK’s assassination, international war, population control, the French Revolution, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  This is all a part of the ploy for a New World Order.  They also believe that Hollywood has been infiltrated and that symbols and subliminal messages in the film industry are being used to control the masses.

Guys like David Icke, Texe Mars, and Alex Jones have been talking about this for years however things took a turn for the weird a few years ago as they all started to talk about the Illuminati in the industry, in particular the Illuminati in the music industry.  What’s even stranger is the fact that they have been focused on rap and black R&B artists.

Modern conspiracy theory claims that the term “Illuminati” is used for an elite society which allegedly became organized in order to engineer worldwide major events and control world governments and corporations from behind the scenes in order to bring in to power a new world order.

Now a question that we all should ask ourselves is do we really believe that an elite group that is in “control” of the world needs to employ someone such as Jay-Z to manipulate people through his music?  Hey in this world anything is possible but I don’t honestly believe Jay-Z is Illuminati.  I’m not even saying there is no influence of the Illuminati in the industry but I think ultimately we have bigger fish to fry.

If someone is really worried about this alleged group that controls the world then why start with Jay-Z and the Illuminati?  Does Jay-Z control the food supply, make laws, or anything else on this grand of a scale that really affects anyone’s lives?  Of course the answer to that question is no.

What's Wrong With Jay-Z Being Into The Occult and Ancient Egypt?

jay-z illuminati occult
Many people think Jay-Z is Illuminati because they see him with symbols such as the pyramid, the “all seeing eye”, also known as the “eye of Horus”, and also the “roc” sign Jay-Z makes with his hands which is a symbol of a diamond (or pyramid depending on who you ask).  If you look online you will see tons of websites and videos telling you that these are the symbols of the Illuminati which leads to further accusations by fans about Jay-Z in the Illuminati.

jay-z egypt black illuminatiOne thing that most people do not understand is that these symbols are from ancient Egypt.  They are not evil symbols and just because someone is into ancient Egyptian culture does not mean they worship the devil.  To assume so is coming from a limited (usually Christian) point of view that demonizes anything and everything that does not fit within its social construct.

Ancient Egyptian culture was actually highly spiritual and based off of principles of love, truth, and universal law.  It’s perfectly natural for someone like Jay-Z, Kanye West, or Beyonce to get into ancient Egyptian culture as they may be seeking their African roots.  This is not unique as many African Americans seeking their African history look to the glory of ancient Egypt with pride.

jay-z kanye horus

You can’t demonize Kanye for example for wearing a chain with Horus.  (If you actually do the history you will find out that Horus was an ancient form of Jesus who predated him by thousands of years.  There are over a dozen recorded Christ figures throughout history).

Another thing that has everyone asking "is Jay-Z Illuminati" is all of the occult symbols used in his videos and clothing line.  What's wrong with Jay-Z being into the occult?  That doesn't automatically qualify Jay-Z for the Illuminati.  According to Wikipedia, the word occult comes from the Latin word occultus which refers to "knowledge of the hidden".

There is nothing wrong with wanting to gain understanding over knowledge that is hidden.  Without getting to deep into this subject the study of Kaballah, Jewish mysticism or any other spiritual system for that matter does not qualify someone as evil or a devil worshiper.  In actuality it shows that maybe the person in question is beginning to throw off the shackles of their inherited belief system and beginning to seek a deeper spiritual understanding of the universe.

Once again since most people do not understand what the occult is they will automatically assume that anything "occult" is equated with evil.  Therefore, Jay-Z is Illuminati and seen as evil because the person seeing the occult symbols he displays does not understand them.  Most of the videos and websites "exposing" (I use that term VERY lightly) Jay-Z and the Illuminati are coming from a very close-minded, very Christian, fear-mongering point of view.

These videos and sites use overly simplistic generalizations such as "Jay-Z is using the eye of Horus he's evil!"  "See the head of baphomet in his video, he worships Satan!"  These are blatantly ignorant and dumbed down observations that are used to make the case that Jay-Z is Illuminati because he is doing stuff that you don't recognize from church.

Conclusion: Is in the Jay-Z Illuminati?

In conclusion about the topic Is Jay-Z in the Illuminati I would say no he isn’t.  I mean his response to Angie Martinez on Hot 97 pretty much summed it up when he said he can’t even get into the country club with many of these guys that people are saying he is linked up with.  He’s from the projects in Brooklyn for god’s sake!  Jay-Z Illuminati?  I think Jay-Z is having fun with yall.  He’s getting free publicity and the rumors make the press follow him and Beyoncé even harder than they would without them.
is jay-z in the illuminati rocawear

He’s no fool.  Rocawear isn’t using masonic symbols on the clothes for no reason.  The Jay-Z Illuminati hype is huge and Jay-Z is banking off of it.  People are buying their clothes and Jay-Z is laughing all the way to the bank, just like a true hustler from New York would!  Every video he makes is going to have even more symbolism because everyone is eating it up and keeping Jay-Z relevant.

jay-z illuminati crowley
Jay-Z rose up from the projects in Brooklyn by hard work, talent, extreme focus, and will power.  That’s why he wore the t-shirt that said “Do what thou wilt”, an Aleister Crowley quote.  Crowley was into the power of the mind and believed that we had the power to create our reality.  Jay-Z is obviously creating his reality and he’s letting you know that you can do it to.

I know this topic will spark debates and disputes from many people who are reading this.  Like I said earlier each video Jay-Z and Kanye West release is going to feed more into the conspiracy theorists.  It keeps everyone talking about him.  Having people everywhere wondering is Jay-Z in the Illuminati is not hurting him, it’s helping.  That means the tabloids have to keep the paparazzi following Jay-Z and Beyonce everywhere they go.  It means they get more coverage and more attention.  It also has translated into further growth for his Rocawear brand.

Who can blame Jay-Z?  All you guys who want to buy into this are being fed more for you to talk about by Jay-Z himself.  I would do the same thing in his position.  He’s got nothing to lose because anyone with sense would know better.  He is a capitalist.  He can't lose.

jay-z and the illuminati in the industry
Jay-Z is definitely doing this stuff on purpose for the media attention and the extra hype created by the controversy.  All you have to do is see how many videos about “Jay-Z Illuminati” are viewed on YouTube and you will see the business related reason for feeding the hype.

LOL, the real Illuminati are laughing too.  While everyone is looking at all the pop stars and accusing them of being members of the Illuminati they are running the world.  While you are accusing the musicians who entertain you of being in secret societies the real elite organizations are allegedly running everything right under your nose!  Stop with the nonsense!

Those are my thoughts on the subject of Jay-Z and the Illuminati.  Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


  1. Greetings,

    I respect your opinion on this topic but I have to say the real topic is not whether or not Jay Z is actually illuminati. You have clearly pointed out that one can't truly prove his association with the illuminati. So, how do you judge someone? You judge them by their fruits -Matthew 7:16. In your article you said "Ancient Egyptian culture was actually highly spiritual and based off of principles of love, truth, and universal law" and that many artists are seeking their roots here. Then why, are for instance Jay Z's music and videos filled with the OPPOSITE principles you describe? Most of these artist that are similar to Jay Z are not glorifying God through their music, in fact they are mainly glorifying themselves and money. Jay Z may not be officially illuminati but he does display the symbols in many of his music albums, videos, shirts, etc. Furthermore & perhaps even more alarming is that these same symbols are not just symbolic of the illuminati, they ARE satanic. I am not claiming that he is a satanist but am saying that there is a clear link of these signs & symbols to the satanic. Please, please know that there IS spiritual warfare going on.and the enemy wants to deceive us. With love,

    1. You are exactly correct in your saying. The Bible says that what soever is in a man that is what is going to come out. At the end of the day if you are not using your talents energy
      and money to representing God or the things of God, you are automatically on the other side.

  2. Peace Bro,
    Definitely thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    You are right, Jay Z's music is not very spiritual or uplifting. I don't think he is here to save us all, lol. People should not look to these artists as more than they are.
    I seriously doubt he has enough money to control the water and food supply, and the military so there is nothing to fear as far as him being in the actual illuminati.

    He's just rolling with the hate being thrown his way and using it to his advantage to keep his name buzzing in the streets.
    It's got us talking about him right now.

  3. Always equal to humanity is a vison of self. Free will! 50/50. What we see. What we hear. Our choices. Hate/love. Love/hate. We all know 100 percent we were born and will die. My own spirit gives me NO 50/50. Its my last breath.

  4. I want to join the elite group today.Help me I will be loyal.I am ready to give away my soul if my dreams come true.

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  6. Jay Z is who hé is, what hé is and more over what hé believes which makes him Jay Z. Jay Z is a man, a légende who believes un thé advancement of thé human species, ans works towards it endlessly all day.
    Can you guys show me where it is written Gods signs// satans own signs son you will know satanic signs ans Gods signs to tell which one Jay Z is using or showing off in his music,t-shirts an all as you say... I think lack of opportunity to keep your own names buzzing un thé streets brought you thé hâte of Jay Z buzzing his own name. If truely you guys are putting Jay-Z un thé lines of saying hes with thé illuminati then you guys must know fully what illuminati stands for or what it is all about cause illuminati has no religious believes as to whether God or satan rules. So CAN YOU GUYS THEN TELL ME WHY YOU SAY JAY Z LIVES ON SATANIC SIGNS??,AND LINKING IT TO THE ILLUMINATI SIMPLY PUSHING THE ILLUMINATI INTO BEING SATANIC WHICH IS NOT WHAT IT IS!!?




    JAY Z✌👌💪☝👅👅👅👍🔥🔥🔥🔥

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