Who Is In The Black Illuminati

It's all about the Black Illuminati

For at least three decades the conspiracy theorist movement has grown to the point where, thanks to various movies and TV shows, it has now become a part of pop culture.  Many credit William Cooper’s Book Behold a Pale Horse with exposing many to the now popular conspiracy theories.  The central focus for most has been on a covert group working through the government and other powerful secret organizations to control the world.  Allegedly, an international secret society dubbed, The Illuminati, has been controlling the world for almost two hundred years.

Black Illuminati | What Is All The Hype About?

For some reason, within the last 4 years the focus has shifted from world leaders and ultra-rich billionaires as the culprits of the Illuminati to pop stars.  A great deal of attention has been placed on the Illuminati in Hollywood and the music industry, in particular the alleged Black Illuminati.

black illuminati jay-z kanye ross
A growing tide of concern has been placed on various hip hop stars who are said to be members of the Black Illuminati.  It doesn’t help that many of the alleged Black Illuminati members such as Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Kanye West get a kick out of the extra attention they are receiving and purposely place numerous occult references in their songs and videos.  They know that people will eat these references up and videos breaking down their lyrics and music videos will go viral and keep them relevant and on the cover of MTO and all the other gossip magazines.

In addition, stories such as Jay Electronica hooking up with a Rothschild, allegedly one of the 13 Illuminati families doesn’t help.  Artists have taken to using more occult images in their music and everyday more people are buying into the hype.  The Black Illuminati is one of the hottest topics of the day.

It seems that any Black person who is achieving phenomenal amounts of success is recruited into this sinister organization.

Is The Black Illuminati Talk Going Too Far?

black illuminati jay-z beyonce
This is a stretch, come on!
 Not too long ago Jay-Z and Beyonce gave birth to their baby girl.  Right away the internet went nuts with various Black Illuminati theories.  Some were quite ridiculous.  People were actually saying that Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby, Blue Ivy Carter, was Satan’s daughter.  Numerous blog posts and videos were made breaking down their daughter’s name as alleged proof of their Black Illuminati involvement.
There is one problem with this approach though.  It is possible to break any name down forwards, backwards, and twist it to make your case.  You will always find “proof” of what you are looking for because your mind is already set on proving your conspiracy theory!

Point is, you can twist any message to represent whatever you want it to.  Black Illuminati, devil worship, the list goes on.

Take the Bible for example.  Extremists and cults twist the scripture to make points and further their causes all the time.

During the Civil war Southern preachers defending slavery took the Bible literally. They pointed to the infallible Word of God when it said, "slaves, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling" (Ephesians 6:5), or "tell slaves to be submissive to their masters and to give satisfaction in every respect" (Titus 2:9).

Christians who were pro slavery had the words of the Bible (taken out of context) to back them up!  Christians who were anti-slavery also used the same Bible to make their case as well.

Breaking down every lyric or reference made by the alleged Black Illuminati rappers and singers only serves one purpose.  It keeps them popular and therefore relevant in our culture.  It’s not bad press for them, especially someone like Jay-Z who is seen as a rising mogul.  He is being associated with an elite ruling class.  In many ways these rumors make the artists cooler and seen as even more “bad ass” than normal.

That means that the artists are not going to stop feeding the public more occult and Black Illuminati imagery and lyrics.  They have to give the people what they want.  Just the fact that you and many others are reading this post proves that there is an interest in topic of the Black Illuminati.

black illuminati willow smith

As you can see with Jay-Z and Beyonce's child, babies and children are not off limits.  Willow Smith apparently (I'm being sarcastic) is in the Illuminati too.  I don't know what to make of it.  It looks like everyone is in the Black Illuminati now, even gospel singers Mary Mary, LOL.

mary mary black illuminati
Say it ain't so Mary, Mary
Black celebrities are no longer allowed to hold their fingers up while they are singing gospel songs, pose for pictures, or pick their nose without being outed as members of the Black Illuminati.  SMDH!

This is getting ridiculous.  Pretty soon everyone, including non-celebrities will find themselves being accused of being in the Black Illuminati.  If your Mom tells you to clean up your room and you don't like it, just post a picture of her online holding her hand up and expose her as a member of the Illuminati!

Is The Black Illuminati Real?

There is really no way to prove whether or not people such as Jay-Z and others really are members of the Boule or some other type of Black Illuminati secret society.  The main reason for this is because a real secret society would do its best to remain secret.  If Jay-Z was really a part of some elite Black Illuminati he would not need to advertise it in his videos and songs.  To do so would defeat the whole purpose.  This would draw attention to the secret group.

I think Jay-Z put it best when Angie Martinez from New York’s Hot 97 asked him about his involvement in the Illuminati.  He replied that he is from the projects and he can’t even get into the same country club with the type of billionaires and world rulers who are alleged to be in the Illuminati.  You know what?  He has probably tried to get in before, lol (referring to the country club).

It is amusing that people wish to focus on entertainers instead of the people who orchestrate wars and control things such as resources and food supplies for entire nations.  If there is a Black Illuminati you will not be able to tell who they are just by listening to rap lyrics or breaking down music videos.  They won’t be recognizable by the occult symbols on their tee shirts either.

Most videos and lectures "exposing" the Black Illuminati make their case by showing how the Egyptian and occult symbology used by the artists is evil.  They then accuse the artists of worshiping Satan (because we all know the Egyptian Gods Horus and Ra are really Lucifer right) and rest their case on those points.  Usually the videos will advise you to pray to White Jesus to save your soul.

Video "Exposing" the Black Illuminati

Does Black Illuminati Equal Success?

It appears that every black person achieving success is a potential recruit for the Black Illuminati.  This isn't limited to entertainers as apparently the Obamas and Oprah are holding it down for the Black Illuminati as well.  No one seems to believe that a black person can rise up on their own and become successful without selling their soul to the devil.  They just have to be members of the Black Illuminati.  Isn't that kind of racist to assume?

black illuminati jay-z freeway mad
freeway's pissed he didn't join the black illuminati

Take this photo that I found online.  It shows Jay-Z (aka Black Illuminati), the mayor of Philadelphia (he's black too so I guess that makes him a Black Illuminati member), and some white business leaders on a stage for a photo op.  On the other end of the stage is rapper Freeway looking uncomfortable with his hands in his pockets.  The article points out how Jay-Z is doing his old friend wrong.

black illuminati jay-z philly mayor
jay-z needs new friends b/c he's black illuminati now

It was funny though because most of the comments were from people (mostly black folks) who were pointing out that Jay-Z and his associates were all dressed professionally and Freeway was dressed like a thug.  Everyone was basically saying to Freeway "Grow the f#%k up!"  Don't blame the Black Illuminati for your own lack of success.

You can't get mad at black people like Jay-Z for being successful and rising from the same (and in many cases worse) conditions than yourself and achieving phenomenal success.  Their success does not mean involvement in the "Black Illuminati".  No you cannot automatically place that tag on them.  Instead of celebrating their success or not paying attention to them at all many people are trying to drag them down by insinuating that they could not have achieved success without joining some Boule Black Illuminati group.

That is the crab in the bucket mentality of trying to drag down the ones who have the desire to succeed in life.  I'm not hearing any of this Black Illuminati talk.  It's stupid.

Illuminati means "illuminated ones".  What's wrong with being illuminated?  If Jay-Z and friends are telling you they are Black Illuminati that means they are letting you know they are above and beyond the petty things that consume almost everyone's lives.  Nothing wrong with that at all.

Jay-Z- "It's the Roc Baby, that Black Illuminati!"


black illuminati is a joke
It's The Black Illuminati LOL
  Look what Urban Dictionary says about Black Illuminati.  This is really ignorant.  Don't get caught up in the hype.

1. Black Illuminati - The African American elite that purposely mis-guide other black folks with false hope, money worshipping and demonic European values. They carefully make their money by selling drugs, gangsta rap, extortion, pimping white women and devil worshipping. They are the ghetto version of The Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission of the projects. And they make it rain in hip-hop videos.


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